Two Mountains Two Mountains

Two Mountains

H 41cm x W 31.8cm x D 2.3cm






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Two Mountain looks like a heart. The physical properties of the paint are emphasized by the over-painted layers and the wrinkles (blood flow) of the complementary color with high contrast rise to the front of the artwork.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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  • Edition

Artist Information

Namu Choi

Namu Choi is from Korea who lives in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa has a history of the Pacific War where many lives were lost at the time. The energy of death always coexisted with the energy of a strong life and had its own healing power. These two coexisting energies became an important motif of her artwork. Her concept of the artwork changed from nature to the spiritual world from her experience of living in Japan. The new theme ‘house’ has two different ideas in her artworks. Floating and flowing homes grow roots and stretch branches, but are left behind in isolated and empty spaces. Internet and social media convince the conversation between people but also, open a big gap between each other.
She is continually finding the answer where the most important and fundamental values are in this world through her artworks.

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