Dedicated to P_05 Dedicated to P_05 Dedicated to P_05

Dedicated to P_05

H 20.3cm x W 25.8cm x D 2.2cm

USD 227.00





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In the days of drawing the “Little Perhita Series” (2016-) of horned humans with the theme of ‘longing for nature’, Ikeda Ayako met a chick sparrow. 
Although he was just born and pulsated in the palm of her hand, she thinks it was a teacher to her which shared the true nature to her.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

  • Support

    Kent Paper

  • Edition

Artist Information

i k e d a a y a k o

Spreads the root, start the rain
Beating by the wind and creating the right shadow
Spending a long time as just being
I'm a little bit swayed by being myself now
(Little Perchta series)

Sad, hard times and things that make you unable to stay on your own can happen to anyone at any time. At that time, I imagine the blue sky, realize my smallness and soften the uncontrolled emotion.
Magnificent beauty and strength that no one can produce. The animal’s horns are growing by too much thought to nature.

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