H 47cm x W 54cm x D 0.1cm






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This is an early work of watercolor. From this time on, she thinks that she was interested in power and was considering the effect of a certain force on a subject. Many of the early works have been created in association with natural forces such as gravity and rain that work on natural objects. Besides, these early works had a colorful and calm atmosphere. Later, she began producing works that visualize not only natural objects but also the power and influence of people and society and she continues it until now.

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    Watercolor Painting

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The feature of Aira’s artworks is not biased to any type of art which can be flat, solid, and spatial installations. She started to learn art since she was four and keep drawing until now. She has learned various styles and knowledge of art during her school and college life which made her able to create various styles of artworks.
She tries to recognize her own position in society and send messages to society through art. Moreover, she is interested in the topic of violence and power behind society and expresses her perception through her art.

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