Off to Town, Arms Swinging Off to Town, Arms Swinging

Off to Town, Arms Swinging

H 27.3cm x W 27.3cm x D 2cm

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The famous Zen art “Toshigyu-zu” is painted with the artist's original expression. The Html code representing pictographs is used to represent each of the ten stages of the enlightenment depicted in the ten-figure chart.
Figure 10 “Nitsui Suyu” Live in the town.

  • Style

    Acrylic and Screen Painting

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Artist Information

Chizuko Ninomiya

Chizuko Ninomiya is a contemporary art writer and a financial SE at the same time. She feels that her financial background gives an important feature when creating her work.
With the prevalence of mobile devices, people have increasingly seen images and other data provided by system processing results, but most of the people are not conscious of the processes and programs running behind.
She tries to present the programing language into artworks that are not visible in reality. She challenges to "light the invisible" by reconstructing it as a painting.
Most recently, she has been creating a series quoting laws and judicial precedents to express her thought of controlling powerful information technology with human ethics.

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