H 108cm x W 72.8cm x D 3cm






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Yokozuna, the symbol of the strongest sumo which is one of the Japanese historical cultures. Niimii Hiroki rearranges Successive personalities and history into the style of pop up the artwork.

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Niimii Hiroki Interprets the shapes and forms created by nature in the way of graphic and pop up style and pursue the beauty of the moment in a rule where the same expression can never be repeated. Moreover, all works are made up based on textures and material features. He believes Japanese who grew up in a culture of loneliness are able to express the “accidental beauty” born from textures and materials.
Niimii Hiroki believes he can share the Japanese spiritual by interpreting the beauty made by coincidence and combining it with a “face” by sublimating into people’s facial expressions.

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