Beast Beast


H 33cm x W 38.5cm x D 4.5cm

USD 591.00





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Takafumi tries to drew out inside of himself which he didn’t see anything and just drew out what he imaged. It is not a specific animal, just a beast.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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  • Edition

Artist Information

Takafumi Uchino

There are many types of genres in music such as blues, flamenco, jazz. Anger and sadness can turn into music with dark and intense melodies, which can heal and inspire us in many ways. Just like music, Takafumi always has a specific image when creating his work, usually an image that cuts through the dissatisfaction around him. This becomes a color, a layer, a canvas, and a picture. He hopes that the expression will heal and inspire someone's heart like music that flows through the night.

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