Pomegranate Pomegranate


H 197cm x W 53cm x D 3.5cm






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A pomegranate that grows until it tears. For Shimpei Kawaai, it is a plant like a symbol that grows without deciding its own limits. The beautiful ruby pulp is also passionate and beautiful.

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Artist Information

Shimpei Kawaai

Shimpei wants more people to discover and sympathize with the “Japanese aesthetics” that he noticed while traveling around the world. He creates his work in the genre of “ink painting”, which was overlooked in the times. He creates his work as if he's is updating the genre in a modern sense. To spread the genre of “ink painting, Shimpei feels that a sense of mixture and balance between classic and modern is important therefore he will continue to create his work by valueing the balance between two centuries.

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