Axis Axis


H 16cm x W 11cm x D 2cm

USD 25.00





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She expresses the calm and straignt inner axis without blurring. The foils are applied one by one by hand.

  • Style

    Watercolor Painting

  • Support

    Panel and water color paper

  • Edition

Artist Information


 Aki’s art style is inspired by the spiritual world and started to create her perception of the spiritual world. In September 2019, Aki drew the first piece of artwork which is a blue abstract watercolor painting. After three months of her SNS activity, she was invited to the exhibition in New York and realized the happiness of sharing her perception and artworks to the people without borders. After that, she started to study art and practice art skills by herself.
 The concept of her artworks is emotion and heart drawn with watercolor painting. During the drawing, she directly creates her artworks by her feeling instead of making the draft. Moreover, she layers the color over and over again to express human changes in emotions. Her dreams are giving happiness to all over the world. She hopes her artworks are able to bring a comfortable feeling to the viewers.

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