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H 135.5cm x W 109.6cm x D 7cm

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The theme of “wisdom portraits” was born in the question that what should be drawn in the present age when the God died in the area of “painting” that draws all times and places, mythology and the God or the question that what is “the object” of respect appropriate for the throne of the God” for humanity tomorrow. On the contrary, those artworks are religious paintings for artists who believe in the power of art and who “faith” certain arts and creativity.

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KOSUKE Motohashi

Kosuke's work is mixed with philosophical and anthropological sense, as well as the influence of conceptual art, avant-garde, and the Japanese sense of “zen”. Because a lot of concepts are mixed, his work emphasizes spirituality and meaning rather than the retinal perspective of painting in general. He considers creation and appreciation of art as a “ceremony of confirmation” which lead the theme of his work as “The truth for the human being”. Kosuke's main series is “Universal Composition” which is a canvas filled with countless splashes, “Urge” which is work drawn dynamically with bare hands, and “Portrait of sapience” which is work drawn artifacts.

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