Moon and tree

Moon and tree

H 31.9cm x W 41cm x D 2.5cm






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He creates this artwork by layering the tick acrylic over and over again and used the chisel to scratch the surface. This artwork was created based on the imagination of a tall tree’s branches crossing with the moon.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

  • Support

    Wooden Panel

  • Edition

Artist Information

Go Hayakawa

Hayakawa says that creating art is a way to express his own emotions. There are some emotions that is hard to explain by words that he tries to express through artworks.

Most of his artworks use two materials which are Japanese painting and acrylic painting.
He was used to drawing portraits when he started to create art but now, he challenges new style, abstract painting. He hopes he can continue drawing both styles to explore a way to express his emotions.

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