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30cm x 35cm x 3cm






This work is expressing the softness of moonlight. Asako Eguchi layered the thin layer of blue over 20 times to create the night with transparency and depth. This is inspired by the book "Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens and Peter and Wendy" (written by James Matthew Barrie) when Peter Pan was born. This work was featured in the "PETER PAN GALLERY" held in Japan.

  • Style


  • Material

    Water Color

  • Support

Artist Information

Asako Eguchi

From the beginning to the present, it has never changed. The beautiful things created by nature are full of mystery"--Asako Eguchi Inspired by her own heart-touching moments, she presents her work with the theme of fantasy world. She is strongly dedicated to the depiction of nature, especially for cloud and water, by observing their appearance and movements. In terms of painting skills, she is conducting a method of overlapping the watercolor and drying them in order to present a fantasy world. She pursues her own expressions and details of the subject to present the story of the work.

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