H 65.2cm x W 53cm x D 2cm

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This work is under the concept of 'Joy, prank, and a little bit of nostalgia'. daichi mori. chose his favorite characters and clowns which reminded him fooling around with his friends back in the old days.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting with Pen, Crayon

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Artist Information

daichi mori .

“In recent years, people tend to judge once impressions by one particular point of the sentence spoken by others. However, people are solid and multifaceted which we have to image the background of the person rather than judge by the surface” said Daiki Mori. He thinks that it is his mission to show the idea of “image once background” in his artworks.

Daiki Mori, born in 1982, who dreamed to become an artist since he was a child. He usually uses the method of live painting which he met this style in college. He mentioned that the most important point of the live painting is to feel the people and environment around and add those elements into artworks rather than planing the
scenario before starts.

He uses several materials which are acrylic paint, oil pen, and crayon with the style of collage. His ideas are inspired by American circus clowns, American children's tv shows, musicians such as Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and books in libraries.
He mixes all the ideas together into one piece to present the concept of happiness, prank, and a bit of nostalgia. He never aware of any history of art when he creates his art. He simply mixes humanity, work, society, objects surround him and present his thought with the style of collage.

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