Layers of Color 1508

H 60.7cm x W 50cm x D 2.5cm






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The eighth painting of FUJIMOTO's series of "Layers of Color" which started in 2015. The process of this series begins without any clear theme, message, or plan, but throughout the process, FUJIMOTO came up with the theme of "waveform step". The each step of painting is decided after each layer of painting is done, and the finished look of this work will be decided whenever FUJIMOTO feels like its done.

From the seventh painting, FUJIMOTO switched from panel to canvas due to the reason of long-term storage, to focus only on the front, and reduce the weight of work.
There is over 20 layers of acrylic paintning on this work. After layering colors, he pours water on top and use sand paper to grind the layer of colors. The number of layering and grinding process depends on if FUJIMOTO is satisfied with the finished look or not. The quality of color is kept because it is created on a temporary board and put it on a wooden frame when cleaning and drying after completion is done.

One of the characteristics of the this painting is the "multilayered magic" which is a scene that can only created by paints.

FUJIMOTO found a way to express his desires in 1999, and since then he have pursued the possibility of painting with the consistent technique of “griding and layering of acrylic paint”.

  • Style

    Layer of Acrylic Painting with Engraving Techniques

  • Support

    Canvas with Wooden Frame

Artist Information

hideaki FUJIMOTO

FUJIMOTO hideaki had studied in factly engineering, major in metalworking and became an artist after his study.
He creates his artworks by two processes, layering the acrylic paint in several places and scratched each place by sandpaper which is the reason why his artworks are unique.
He makes each artwork by the concept of how to utilize deeply in the method of layering and scratching. Judges how many times and where to do the layering and observes the changes of each scratching to decide when to finish each process.
His artworks are made by his thought of “Thing only art can make” and seeking the expressiveness of painting instead of concerning all the political and religious ideology in the society.

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