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KEI N - 141

130cm x 162cm x 3cm






This is one of Susumu's favorite artwork which shows a lady waiting for the train at the platform. If you look into details, there is a light drawn like the cross shape. Moreover, Susumu remains the guy with a darker tone to make a contrast with the lady.

  • Style


  • Material


  • Support

    wood frame and canvas

Artist Information

OHIRA Susumu

"Susumu Ohira said, ""Although my work has no theme, I think I want to pursue the beauty of light and time in my work."" He usually blends acrylic and develops a daily life scenery as a background and with an arc symbolizing time passing. In the process of creating a blurred effect, he does not use airbrush or any oil painting tools, instead, he uses acrylic to present lightness of the color that can only be produced from acrylic. In the process, he always questions himself of what are art and painting. Susumu Ohira studied art in France and cultivated artistic talents. In recent years, he has had experience in organizing exhibitions abroad. In the future, he will strive to move forward with the goal of increasing overseas experiences. "

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