Wanted to become a flower Wanted to become a flower

Wanted to become a flower

H 55cm x W 45cm x D 2cm

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This is painting with a person eating flowers who wants have a beauty of a flower and/or wanted to become a flower afterall.
The snake around is the ideal figure of a person. People doesn't change when they eat flowers, but only their ideals will become colorful. The eyes in the flower are the rational part of human. The eyes of the person are in line with the eyes in the flower because this person knows that she is doing useless things.

  • Style

    Oil Painting

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Artist Information

Uno Koike

Uno Koike paints fictional, dreamy scenes that evoke a story in the viewer's mind as if they are looking at a page of a picture book. She hopes that her art will allow her viewers to momentarily break away from reality, being able to imagine playing in her painting’s fictional world and creating their own story. All of her paintings have one thing in common – they all depict an imaginary world that is both warm and scary. She came to develop her current painting style after deciding to draw something only she could draw – her inner spiritual world.

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