Reunion Reunion


H 41cm x W 32cm x D 1.5cm






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Where does human come from? Where do we go next? Newly born life will return to the earth and that is the forever cycle. Nobuko Shimizu expressed the brilliance of life by using water drop and crystals.

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Artist Information

Nobuko Shimizu

Nobuko Shimizu works with many different art materials including canvas, wood panels, acrylic paint, and gold and silver foil. She uses the skills and experiences she gained from being a decorative artist for over 16 years. While her art depicts a wide variety of subjects such as plants, women, and small animals, she intends to draw what is in the abyss. She creates art that invites viewers to see various experiences such as a sad past, harsh reality, or the distant future. Each piece can take her anywhere from a couple of days up to ten days. No two pieces are the same as she puts her heart into each original piece she creates.

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