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27.3cm x 27.3cm x 3cm






Izumi made this “Butterfly” from the idea of her childhood memory of running after the small white butterfly and sense of touching it.

  • Style

  • Material

    Nihon-ga Japanese style

  • Support

Artist Information


IZUMI is a Japanese gouache painter. She studied under artist, Meimi Sato and started focusing on becoming a painter in 2015. She aims to draw paintings that viewers never get tired of and that make them feel relieved and relaxed. She remembers being asked as a child what she wanted to be when she grew up and replying that she wanted to become an artist. She has always wanted to become a painter. Her determination has never changed as she has always believed she could achieve this goal. Although becoming an artist has not been a straight and direct path, she feels that she is finally on the right path to achieving her dreams as an artist. “I want to keep absorbing new things without forgetting my humble beginnings and origin."

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