Yamada family Yamada family Yamada family

Yamada family

H 18cm x W 18cm x D 0cm


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  • Style

    Oil painting

  • Support


  • Edition

    Original Artworks

This work was influenced from narrowboat in London, UK. Narrowboat is a boat of a distinctive design, made to fit the narrow canals and modern narrowboats are used for holidays, weekend breaks, touring, or as permanent or part-time residences. Yumi Ukai saw on the news that the number of people living on narrowboat is increasing, and this gave her to think vaguely that she wants to live on a narrowboat as well. It is impossible to make it happen in her real life, therefore she decided to express her life of if she was living on a narrowboat in 25 different pieces of work and this is one of them. All 25 works are referred to as “Seaside Life” series, and it makes it possible to see the world from a different perspective by recombining with other pieces. The title came from the name of main character of the movie that she was watching when creating the work. The name 'Yamada' is one of the very common surname in Japan and she intentionally named it to the family who lives on a boat as to give a little smile to the viewers of a typical usual 'Yamada' family living on a boat. Oil painting on a lined canvas is used in order to express the expanse of work, and lining makes it possible to expresses the side view as well. Signature is on the side so this work won't lose its vision and the intensity.

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