Uncovered Universe Uncovered Universe

Uncovered Universe

H 130.3cm x W 162.2cm x D 3cm

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    Oil Painting

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The spaces in my paintings are based on natural areas where I have experienced a sense of relief. I was born and raised in a city, where I have felt a lot of anxieties. These anxieties have evolved into an eagerness to escape the city, as well as a craving for an ideal place. Nature, however, offers no such utopias. Despite this absence of utopia, temporary journeys to nature have always brought me psychological relief and pleasure. Based on my emotional experience concerning these places, I created new space through artwork, combining actual spaces that have given me security and pleasure with modification of the space’s shapes and colors. reconstituted spaces and fluorescent colors metaphorically mean urban background such as gentrification, and an electric signboard. I hope that my process and artworks might cause people to think about 'utopia' and 'ideal' which are could be interpreted as 'non-existence' and 'perfection'.

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