Making stars Making stars

Making stars

H 47.2cm x W 38cm x D 4.8cm

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One of fireworks trilogy. Hoshi-kake is a work covering the core of fireworks with gunpowder which makes the fireworks beautiful up in the sky. The Milky Way in his work is representing an ancestor, and inside the hourglass is the parents. The water lily with stars sprinkled is representing "I (artist herself)", and the origami outside of the hourglass is the future children. This work represents the wish of descendants prosperity.

  • Style

    Oil painting

  • Support


  • Edition

Artist Information

Manami Numata

 Manami Numata is an artist who specializes in figurative painting. Her art theme is "time and daily life." She creates still life paintings that provoke stories in the viewers’ minds. “I pick up element of these daily objects and put them together to form a story. I draw each art piece as if it were a book cover of each story.” She paints Vanitas with the concept of "Attribution" while adding elements of contemporary symbolism and the meaning she finds in each object. “I aim to create an art piece that combines the classical and modern essence of art.”

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