H 64cm x W 83.5cm x D 4.5cm


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  • Style

    Oil Painting

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

This is a work picturized from a actual photograph. Closer it gets to a real photograph, realism painting these days has been difficult to escape from the 'curse' of being 'a photograph'. It seems as if the ghost of the person whose role has been deprived by the appearance of photos is still wandering. The circumstances surrounding realism in Japan has been unaware of this fact and that they are passionate about producing a monastic work. Ichita Tanaka can not be unaware that the artist of realism painting is a 'ghost'. Books in this work is a symbol for such a circumstances, in another word, 'blindness'.

Because this work is based on a photograph, the image is stretched about 1.8 times larger than the actual photo. Since there is no reproduction beyond the picture, the focus and angle such as tilt of the stand, are reproduced as it is, and not fixing these small things is creating a 'painting copying a photograph' look. This work created by the methodology of classical painting, which is to color with acrylic and oil painting after forming the layer base with hemp.

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