The horn

The horn

H 103cm x W 77.3cm x D 4.4cm


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  • Style

    Oil Painting

  • Support

    Japanese paper Washi, Chalk land on Panel

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

It is a work of the time when Ichita Tanaka was concerned to the existence of objects. This is the combination of the rope that his grandfather made and a horn of a deer that he found in a rice field of his hometown. Ichita Tanaka thought that it might be possible to make the rope and horn to stand out by excluding extra things which created this simple configuration. When he created this work, he thought that the only way to draw realism work was to stare at the subject for a long time like a priest, which became one of the best to represent his past.

This work is created by putting washi paper on the panel and polishing it with a file to paint. The approximate amount of time took was about 3 months.

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