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H 77.3cm x W 100.6cm x D 1.6cm

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Yuna Okanishi

 Yuna Okanishi is a Japanese calligrapher who began learning calligraphy from the age of 7. Learning calligraphy led her to study Zen philosophy, which is deeply linked to Okanishi's work. She developed her own Bokusho-ga (墨象画), which was originally developed from the avant-garde calligraphy and fine arts such as action and abstract paintings in the late 20th century. Her work attracts white blank space rather than what is drawn in black ink. For Okanishi, the contrast between black and white represents truth and false. Black is the false element that implies what we see may not be real. White is the truth in which we can see reality. Okanishi insists on drawing Bokusho-ga to highlight the significance of finding the truth in today’s chaotic world.

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