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Strawberries and lemons

24.3cm x 33.4cm x 3cm






Represented strawberries and lemons on a piece of table cloth with warm colors and matière characteristic of fresco. A hill and house in wood on their back.

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Artist Information

Takumi Arita

Born in Tottori, Japan, in 1952, Takumi Arita loved to paint since childhood. At the age of 30, he discovered the beauty of frescoes for the first time in Italy. “It was an invaluable experience for me to explore the stroke of the brush on plaster performed by master painters from the 1400s. It was very powerful, dynamic, and natural. I felt like I finally found what was lacking in my previous paintings.” After studying in Italy on a few occasions following this encounter, Arita became completely enchanted by the charm of frescoes. In the modern world where it is difficult to maintain a livelihood as a professional painter of frescoes even in Italy, he wishes to continue as an advocate of frescoes in Japan, and convey the charm of this artform to collectors and art enthusiasts.

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