The bird song The bird song The bird song The bird song The bird song

The bird song

H 73cm x W 50cm x D 3cm






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When the bird started to sing to awake them, it found the time was stopped. It openned the layed egg with the key, and then a world mixed with sky and ocean openned.

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Yoshiko Hosoi

Hosoi depicts a surreal world with acrylic and pencil which make the viewers imagine stories and feel as though they can hear music coming from the paintings. The pale-colored animal designs give an old-fashioned feel. By blurring the boundary between reality and imagination, her enigmatic paintings activate the imagination of her viewers to create stories in their minds. Hosoi realized this when she showed her work to her mother who has dementia. Hosoi noticed her artwork makes her mother feel secure and calm. She depicts happy memories from her childhood, which help her mother recall memories of time spent with family. Not only does she depict scenes from her imagination, she also produces picture books for those who have dementia.

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