A season unusual (III) A season unusual (III) A season unusual (III)

A season unusual (III)

H 53cm x W 65.5cm x D 2cm

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I want to observe the true shape of us living now by representing the scene how people, society and the times face and react to the changing world.

  • Style

    Acrylic Painting

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Artist Information

Yukari Suematsu

Yukari Suematsu’s paintings are simple pieces of abstract art. She often questions who we are in this world and what the world we live in today truly is. The theme of her paintings is the inevitable gap between the ideal human created by society and the reality of who we are. Suematsu’s paintings often feature simple, abstract images. Her art style comes from her studies and continuous search to find an underlining universal rule of the world. She creates art by carefully examining her knowledge and experiences. She starts her paintings by drawing inspirations from real events. She then focuses on the core idea of the subject, and removes everything else to where the concrete details are removed from the painting and the abstract idea remains. How the viewer perceives her message is left up to the viewer.

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