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Girls dog RANDY

27cm x 35cm x 3cm






Representing the negative elements of modern society as subject of a dog and a girl .

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Artist Information

Hiroki Kanayama

Although the bright colors and animals in motion give an impression of happiness, Kanayama’s work has a message for the viewers. The artist sees that the world around him is uncertain because it is consisted of people’s memories and perspectives that shape the culture, society, existence of objects or people, phenomena, ideology, and common sense. In addition, he looks into the balance between humans and science, and thinks humans are destroying nature with the development of technology. He sees that there are so many negative elements like anxiety, fear, distrust, anger, depression, chaos, and death in people’s minds which distorts the world. Kanayama insists that each person must face this distorted world that is filled with negative elements and figure out the reason or the truth as to why they occur.

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