Reunion Reunion Reunion Reunion Reunion Reunion


H 51.5cm x W 72.8cm x D 2.5cm

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  • Style

    Photo Collage

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

Elementary particle, the main elements build our human bodies have been excited since the universe appears. Moreover, the number of quarks is fixed and has been recycling over and over again. Humans will always face others dead during their lifetime. After people die will be disassembled into quarks and other elementary particles. Those elementary particles will reform to other things, animal or creatures which you might meet them again.
Atsushigraph presents those encounters by drawing the butterfly which he thinks the life cycle of the butterfly is similar to the cycle of elementary particles.

Butterflies are drawn by shaping and resizing the gradient image and those processes all draw with Ipad. This artwork uses the ‘Photo Rag’ from HahnemühleFineArt which is one of the top brands in Germany. Moreover, he uses giclee printing for this artwork.