4 spaces 4 spaces 4 spaces 4 spaces 4 spaces

4 spaces

H 53cm x W 45.5cm x D 3cm

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These 4 Spaces id one of the space series and concept is “extending the space from zero to 1, 2, 3 ….. unlimited”. The background is made with acrylic and glitter and put the radial shape holograms collage and glitter on top of it with coating. The radial shape of holograms collage can be viewed with different colors from the different viewing angle. ‘Holograms collage’ has been designed since 1990 and is still studied by Takayuki Hibino. The material, rosin is originally developed by collaboration betweenTakayuki Hibino and factory. It takes around two months to remake by layering rosin for several layers.

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