Sewed Scene 019 Sewed Scene 019 Sewed Scene 019 Sewed Scene 019

Sewed Scene 019

H 23.3cm x W 68cm x D 3.5cm






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This is the series created with the following thought: "There are various scenes in life. The scenes in the memory are different from the reality, but they connect fragmented shapes and colors with time and they remain in people's mind with emotions of at that time". A dyed cloth is sewn together on the panel, its like connect the two scenes together. The penetration of the resin causes the color of the wood and the dye to overlap. A momentary moment of sky changing from day to night. Is the round circle a moon or a sun...

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Artist Information

Shogo Miyasaka

Shogo Miyasaka is a contemporary and textile artist involved in several exhibitions, and collaborations with other artists. While he also does photography, painting, and drawing, his main form of art is mixing dyed cloth with other elements, typically clear resin. Some of his artwork has a clear concept however the overarching theme of his artwork is very abstract, such as emotions or a sense of presence. Miyasaka’s artwork does not always use resin as he is not in pursuit of a single technique. He does not want to be bound by the limitations of techniques to express his ideas and thoughts. He hopes to continue expressing himself through different forms of art.

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