Sewed Scene 012 Sewed Scene 012 Sewed Scene 012 Sewed Scene 012

Sewed Scene 012

H 58cm x W 19cm x D 3cm

USD 1,818.00





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  • Style

    Textile with Dye, Resin Coating

  • Support

    Cloth on Wooden Panel

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

The light of the city and the moon intersect in this work. This is the series created with the following thought: "There are various scenes in life. The scenes in the memory are different from the reality, but they connect fragmented shapes and colors with time and they remain in people's mind with emotions of at that time". A dyed cloth is sewn together on the panel, its like connect the two scenes together. The penetration of the resin causes the color of the wood and the dye to overlap.

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