Kabuki "Ikari no Tomomori" Kabuki "Ikari no Tomomori" Kabuki "Ikari no Tomomori"

Kabuki "Ikari no Tomomori"

H 34.9cm x W 24.9cm x D 3cm

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  • Style

    Paper Cut

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

Representing the scene in actual program of Kabuki Yoshitsune senbonzakura with dynamicity.Tomomori Taira became a ghost named Ginpei Tokaiya to revenge on Yoshitsune Minamoto who is the boss of rival of Taira family. But Tomomori fails to kill. The failure makes him to commit suicide in the climax of the program. He rolls the chain and the anchor to accomplish suicide and not to float his own dead body on the sea, because the floating body represents his defeat and shame of Taira family.

Hyakkimaru is one of the top artist of paper cut. His art works are used for many covers of novels. Private exhibitions in New York (2019) , Barcelona (2009) and of course Japan. The name, same as a character of Osamu Tezuka (God father of Anime) is given by him officially.

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