Muko dono shobu Muko dono shobu

Muko dono shobu

H 29.1cm x W 20.9cm x D 3cm

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  • Style

    Paper Cut

  • Support


  • Edition

    Original Artworks

The original paper cut art inserted in the novel "Muma no mori (A forrest of Incubus & Succubus)" written by Akitomo Ozawa. The horrendous image of the novel is enclosed in a dragon shaped wood with uncanny mood.

Hyakkimaru is one of the top artist of paper cut. His art works are used for many covers of novels. Private exhibitions in New York (2019) , Barcelona (2009) and of course Japan. The name, same as a character of Osamu Tezuka (God father of Anime) is given by him officially.

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