Spotted eagle-owl Spotted eagle-owl Spotted eagle-owl

Spotted eagle-owl

H 25.5cm x W 25.5cm x D 5cm

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  • Style

    Paper Cut

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  • Edition

    Original Artworks

A cut-out spotted eagle-owl. The artist loves owls especially in birds. They exists in woods, but we rarely can see them. It is little bit hard to have them in a room of Tokyo (which she lives in), so she goes zoo and owl cafes.(In Tokyo, there are some cafes where people can touch owls.) The model is the one she met in a owl cafe. She represents the dynamicity, beautiful patterns on its wing, sharpness of its eyes, dignity, loveliness and the texture of the small horned owl with paper. The owl is just white to enjoy the shadow on the background. The shadow changes its expression everytime.

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