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Appered in Media, Affiriated by a gallery, Enrich the time in your room
Original Artwork
33.2cm x 24.2cm
Mixed media
Mixed media
Washi (Japanese traditional paper)

華 or 花 Flowering plants whose leaves grow on either side. The two rounded lower parts are roots in the ground. This character represents a scene that flowers bloom quickly, taking a lot of sun by spreading the leaves spread to the full. This letter helps you when you want to make your life more brilliant and gorgeous.

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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

More Information
More Information
Artist Yukiko Nishimura
Style Mixed media
Medium Mixed media
Support Washi (Japanese traditional paper)
Framed or Not Framed Framed
Product Status Brand New
Repair No
Signature Signed
Country of Manufacture Japan
Size (original) 33.2cm x 24.2cm
Size (Framed) 44.1cm x 36.6cm x 2.2cm
Gross Weight (kg) 1.5kg

About This Artist

Yukiko Nishimura is a Japanese calligrapher specializing in ancient kanji characters, the origin of the modern Kanji Characters used today. Nishimura worked as a shrine maiden from high school until graduating university. From this experience, she associates her work with the ancient Japanese shamanism and reflects this experience into various forms of art not only in her calligraphy but also in her dress designs. She refers to her calligraphy as "a message from the Gods." For her, drawing calligraphy of ancient Kanji characters means embodying the words from the Gods on to paper with ink drawn through her body. Nishimura wishes to empower those who see her calligraph.




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