A DAY IN THE LIFE〈2019.10.9〉 A DAY IN THE LIFE〈2019.10.9〉

A DAY IN THE LIFE〈2019.10.9〉

H 15cm x W 20cm x D 1cm






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A series that records the daily lives of unknown people, divided by visual curiosity. This series still is still be created by Kanda Shinji.

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Kanda Shinji

The starting point of the Kanada Shinji’s creation is a desire to record and retain images and words that have no context that suddenly come to mind and disappear in everyday life. He usually uses pencils and pens which is easy to carry and draw anytime he wants.
In order to go beyond the limits of my imagination and gain the help of chance, repetition, and unconsciousness, he works in an improvised miniature style without drafts.
By increasing the amount of information it is able to let the artwork becomes meaningless and stateless and create a neutral world beyond nationality and doctrine. From time to time, we hope that neutrality will shake the pure and innocent memory at the bottom of our hearts and provide a margin for sharing rich images.

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