Not My Favorite Architecture Not My Favorite Architecture

Not My Favorite Architecture

H 44.5cm x W 53cm x D 0.1cm






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My mother loved this architecture but I didn't. I didn't boringness that this architecture had. Boring shape, boring view, boring world... This architecture was extinguished after my mother was gone.

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Takumi Anezaki

Takumi Anezaki is inspired by a book 'Physics of the Future' written by American theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku. Anti-gravity, warp navigation, multi-dimensional observation, turning iron scraps into gold. None of these are realistic and somehow unscientific, because it is "now", maybe all of these will come true in the future. What is the evolution of architecture when technology is assumed for the future 200 years and 300 years from now? Due to this thinking, he calls this 'super-futuristic architecture' which is to study and express the future of architecture through art. He works not only on painting but also curates video and architectural exhibitions as well.

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