Outside Outside Outside Outside


H 54.6cm x W 39.4cm x D 0.1cm






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Takuma Aomatsu likes to see people’s faces.
People have a lot of charm, but he likes the face the most.
Where do you see people when you meet for the first time?
people will look at the face for the first time.
What is the charm of the face
:)is this looks like a face?
If you recognize it as a face
The color is not related
People have their colors. White, black, yellow, red, brown
but :)←if this is a face
the color is freedom
release the Existing color of the face
uses the free color
In order to draw more attractive people.
This artwork was drawn based on Takuma Aomatsu’s imagination of a person's feelings that he saw in the city.
Outside is noisy
Noisy with consultation
How to solve this problem
Is there anything I can do with it?
I think is better than sitting next to the window
I decided to sit in the corner of the room
But nothing change

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Artist Information

Takuma Aomatsu

Takuma Aomatsu creates artworks based on attracted faces and facial expressions of people he met in the city.
What kind of personality and what kind of emotions they are, he drew artwork by his own imagination of the people and their story.
There are lots of faces in the world. They are all unique and sometimes familiar at the same time. Takuma Aomatsu wants to draw those kinds of facial impressions.

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