The Secret Blue Home

The Secret Blue Home

H 15cm x W 21cm x D 3cm

USD 1,455.00





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  • Style

    Pencil Drawing

  • Support

    Kent Paper

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

This work is not just to enjoy as pencil drawing,its also a work of mysterious world that can be enjoyed by lightinig a black light in a dark room. This is made with pencils, eraser, and stylus.

Black light is known for glowing . This work emphasizes the contrast of deep black and transparent white that can be drawn with a pencil. Also by adjusting the grey part, it gives a mysterious space with depth as if you are exploring inside a cave. Please use the smal, holdable black light and light up this work. It will give you a experience of walking through a cave without clear sight.

Deep in the cave protected by quartz crystals, there is a house where ancient creatures secretly give birth and raise their children. The closed space where the mother and child spents wraps up a little life of a child like a warm and tender cotton bed.

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