Marching Ares

Marching Ares

H 21cm x W 15cm x D 3cm

USD 1,091.00





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  • Style

    Pencil Drawing

  • Support

    Kent Paper

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

Naoko Tsuda believes that deep sea & universe, land & sky, past & future is all connected, creating a flow of one big ring and a pilot who travels back and forth freely through the flow is thought to be a jellyfish. She believes that deep sea and pitch dark world is similar, and so as jellyfish and Martian created by Herbert George Wells.

They are small warriors in the sea.
From the bottom of the deep sea to the red planet in the far universe. There is their lost hometown. Unforgettable cradle. Going straight ahead relying on the memories that remain in the body. Hoping that one day they will be able to get their hometown back again.
It is a piece of war memoir written long time ago and a distant future. This is a story about the lost blue planet.

The jellyfish and its tentacles is created sharply with the image of the young warriors.

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