Azurite's sky, time ship

Azurite's sky, time ship

H 43cm x W 30cm x D 3cm

USD 4,000.00





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  • Style

    Pencil Drawing

  • Support

    Kent Paper

  • Edition

    Original Artworks

This is the series of Lark’s Adventure which is the same series with “To another side of the world”.
The small cat is continuing his journey to get back his dream. During its journey, it meets a strange man who is using the umbrella to carefully prevent his feather get wet. It can't understand why he is holding the umbrella while is not raining at the moment.
He realizes the reason during the journey with the man. There is something dropping around the man from the night sky. Those are water drop dropping from the river in the sky, sand dropping from the sandglass and also the tear he used to drop in the past.
He is traveling inside the ring which is not able to move back and forward. But still, he is protecting his wing to fly again in the future.

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