HARETAHI -a sunny day- HARETAHI -a sunny day-

HARETAHI -a sunny day-

H 45cm x W 53cm x D 2.5cm

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The phrases of the image : "Warmth" and "Airy", Drawn with vertical strokes with pencils.

  • Style

    Pencil Drawing

  • Support

    Watson Paper

  • Edition

Artist Information

Keisuke Tsuchida

 The interesting aspect of Tsuchida's pencil drawings is that they are drawn with only vertical lines. He uses 22 different types of pencils to create unique light and shade. Each viewer of Tsuchida's work enjoys their own journey of emotions; his drawings make people feel various emotions such as joy, happiness, and sorrow. The most important element for Tsuchida is being emotionally honest about what he wants to draw. He draws what he feels like using inspiration rather than drawing what people are likely to praise. Through his drawings, he hopes to remind us that the most important and pure emotion is common to everyone; happiness and compassion.

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