Artworks Curated by Our Curator : Shinzo Okuoka

TRiCERA is pleased to present our artist’s collection.
This page introduces the works of artists from Japan and other Asian countries and regions, and provides a part of the contemporary art scene which is expanding globally and borderless day by day. Please enjoy the world of art based on TRiCERA's concept of "Creativity has no boundaries.".

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Memory of Kawagishi 3rd street

H 162cm x W 194cm



H 22.7cm x W 22.7cm


Road to My Home 02

H 30cm x W 39cm


Nachi Mt.

H 90cm x W 70cm


Unknown Tropical Island

H 112.1cm x W 162.2cm


Uncovered Universe

H 130.3cm x W 162.2cm


Summer Walking Road #6

H 53cm x W 45.5cm


Component of..no.18

H 151cm x W 116cm


Mrs. Strage

H 72.7cm x W 91cm


Jekyll Island #1

H 51cm x W 76cm


Autumn Light over Spruce Knob

H 91.5cm x W 30.5cm



H 24.2cm x W 33.3cm


How to Find the Name

H 27.3cm x W 19cm



H 194cm x W 162cm



H 22cm x W 27.3cm


Bear Rock Panorama

H 91.5cm x W 30.5cm



H 45.5cm x W 53cm



H 31.8cm x W 41cm


Road to My Home 04

H 30cm x W 39cm


The Red Woods

H 116.7cm x W 80.3cm


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