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Breeze of otherworld

H 53cm x W 45cm x D 2.5cm


Layers of Color 1607

H 24.5cm x W 33.5cm x D 2.5cm


Arranging flowers

H 30cm x W 30cm x D 3cm



H 22cm x W 22cm x D 3cm


Jan 29, 2016

H 53cm x W 45.5cm x D 2cm


I was about to write a letter to you

H 100cm x W 100cm x D 3cm


Be natural

H 82cm x W 65cm x D 3.5cm


Deja vu

H 100cm x W 80cm x D 2cm


Relief 1

H 36cm x W 24cm x D 3cm


Jekyll Island #1

H 51cm x W 76cm x D 3.5cm


Crime scene II

H 180cm x W 180cm x D 3cm



H 24.3cm x W 18cm x D 1.2cm