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Ink painting (Horizontal)

168cm x 87cm x 4cm






Heart and soul. The moment Sekijo Kaneda holds a brush, its like his blood flows through and a brush becomes a part of his hand. Sometimes it becomes a palm, other times it becomes fingers and helps him express his thoughts that he have in mind. Ink painting have developed from caligraphy and it is an art field that transcends the concept of calligraphy. Ink painting means to pursue the beauty of creation by using ink. This is a work that uses ink to draw symbols which creates a new figure on the aesthetic structure of time and space.

  • Style

    Ink painting

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Artist Information

Sekijo Kaneda

Calligrapher Sekijo Kaneda continues to push himself ever deeper into the Japanese written language as an art form. Through each piece he find amazement with the variety of shades that a single color of ink can produce, the dynamic sense of life brought forth by a stroke of the brush and it’s fading trail, and the profound beauty of originality — once created, Japanese calligraphy can never be recreated. The theme that encapsulates his present work is to develop the relationship between the differing characters found in aged calligraphy ink versus newer calligraphy ink and the modern culture it represents.

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