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Sun God 68

40cm x 48cm x 3cm






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Painting from the Sun God series counting 108 pieces

  • Style

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Material


  • Support


Motonari Nohara paints his works with a unique technique called "Method of the Natural Brush" (Jinen Unpitsu Hou, 自然運筆法). When Nohara and his wife were learning yoga and Buddhist philosophy in their early twenties, they experienced being able to heal other people with their hands through dance, paintings, and writing poems. The paintings were mainly images of Buddha and Goddesses, and began to enter the market after being featured by several TV stations and art galleries. Nohara decided to travel to understand the roots of his abilities visiting sacred places in Japan, and at the age of 60 he arrived to formulate the Method of the Natural Brush.

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