Arrival of Complexity V
Arrival of Complexity V

Arrival of Complexity V

H 82cm x W 66cm x D 2cm

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About artwork


Painting (Oil painting)
Original Artwork
Production Year


Abstraction from reality - using common shapes and repeating them to achieve an abstraction by removing reality. Looking becomes seeing when the viewer let's go of the expected and moves to the abstracted. In this painting the question posed to the viewer in formalist terms is the nature of the spatial relationship of the objects in the frame, as well as in relation to the viewer. The artist is working with figurative and formalist themes to investigate the nature of viewing, visual space as well as line, colour and form.

Framing Option

In case of the artwork not framed, we are able to frame the artwork. Please contact us for the quotation.

Artworks by Sudesh Prasad