Mountain and Water
Mountain and Water

Mountain and Water

H 38cm x W 45.5cm x D 0cm

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Painting (Acrylic art)
Original Artwork
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"Sandscape paintings are a genre with a simple name of" mountain and water paintings, "but the reality is that the forms of mountains and water, such as mountains, rivers, trees, rocks, and waterfalls, are transformed into" types "through advanced abstraction. This is a high-context planar work that reconstructs the artist's ideal form. There are various ideal forms, such as the religious "Shinsen" of the author, "Dragon as incarnation of water", "Zen's ultimate". A work that created such a landscape painting based on a contemporary view of nature."

Framing Option

In case of the artwork not framed, we are able to frame the artwork. Please contact us for the quotation.

Artworks by Ando Mitsuru

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