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石田 絵美子

Emiko Ishida


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I have loved drawing since I was in kindergarten and continue to do so today.
I live my life with the awareness that humans are part of nature, and I create artworks with nature based on the theme of coexistence with nature.
I am a salaried artist. We are born, raised and forced to live in a capitalist society. Over the years, through my work in the corporate world, I have looked objectively at people living in a capitalist society, and have used all the sour and sweet aspects of the corporate organization, as well as my very existence, as subjects for my art.
Concept] While we rejoice at the birth of new life, there are also people who die \_\_\_\_\_ Life returns to nature and circulates. As a member of the earth, human beings are a part of nature, and I am conscious of the theme of coexistence with nature and creating artworks together with nature. Also, I would like to realize through art that the past, present and future are all one point by taking a larger view of the cycle and being aware of the connection with the universe.
Since graduating from university, I have been working as an accountant for a company. I was born and educated in a capitalist society, and while working as a cog in the wheel of the capitalist economy, I have lived my life with the support of pictures in my daily thoughts. I believe that the art that comes out of this is something that exists in an extremely sacred realm, and while I would like to keep it isolated from capitalism, I also like to see it as a form of service to others. The theme of my art is myself and people living in a capitalist society.


  • Moony night - Starry Sakura

    Moony night - Starry Sakura

    33.3 x 53 cm / USD 1,227.00

  • Flow of time - Fallen leaves

    Flow of time - Fallen leaves

    45 x 45 cm / USD 2,273.00

  • Flow of Time - Moon and Sakura

    Flow of Time - Moon and Sakura

    45 x 45 cm / USD 2,000.00