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Natalya Solovyeva

Russian Federation

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An artist from Russia, inspired by the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of each person, creating oil and mixed media paintings in the genres of portrait, landscape, seascape, still life, flowers, constantly trying new subjects and techniques.
Natalya Solovyeva

33 year old painter from Russia.
Started to paint 3 years ago, took classes in Perotti Art school in Moscow.
Participated in 2 exhibitions in Moscow in 2020.

Most of my career is connected with human resources management. I started in sales, then moved to HR and worked in multinational companies as HR Business Partner.

Now I'm an independent HR-expert, career coach and artist.
My mission is to help people unleash their talents and develop multipotentiality, get read of fears, be different from others and go their own way.
Being an artist is a part of this mission.


  • Elbrus


    60 x 90 cm / USD 899.00

  • Solitude


    50 x 50 cm / USD 399.00

  • Serenity


    50 x 60 cm / USD 499.00

  • Anticipation


    50 x 40 cm / USD 499.00

  • Beginning


    50 x 40 cm / USD 599.00

  • Inner light

    Inner light

    50 x 60 cm / USD 599.00

  • Spicy


    50 x 40 cm / USD 699.00

  • Divine


    40 x 30 cm / USD 499.00

  • Spark


    50 x 60 cm / USD 499.00

  • Energy


    40 x 50 cm / USD 499.00